When the three aspects of trinity – the Mind, Body and Spirit, which make up our existence of this life on Earth – are in HARMONY, we are living balanced, happy, joyous and fulfilling lives. Sounds like utopia?

We have come to this life with a life purpose, but above all, to ENJOY it and make the BEST out of it. We can only do this if we ensure that on all three aspects of our lives are in balance.

Have you ever felt, that there is nothing exciting going on in your life anymore? Do you feel like there is something missing? That there is something more and you don’t know how and where to even start looking for it? Would you like to know what it is you have come to do on Earth, how you can help yourself and others enjoying your experience here, learning how you can make the best out of this life understanding your purpose, your qualities and learning about anything that is blocking you from living your best experience?

Mood, fatigue, emotional blocks, stress, pain… whatever it is, the techniques I work with balance the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies, as they all work hand-in-hand and if one is out of balance, the others will follow suit. If a chakra is blocked, it will express as discomfort, pain or illness in the corresponding part/s of the body, if your thoughts are out of balance, the effect of it will manifest in your emotional body, which, after prolonged exposure, can express physically as pain or illness. We want to focus on this dynamics or “symbiosis” of these different body systems and understand the thoughts, beliefs and programmes which do not serve us any longer and be in the right place and right “time” to lovingly let go of.

Would you like to:

  • Discover your life purpose?
  • Get relief of discomfort, ailment or illness?
  • Understand the reasons of your current life situation?
  • Experience a journey to different ‘past’ lives to find out how they may be affecting your current one?
  • Find out how
  • Increase natural energy flow in your body?
  • Get relief from muscle tension and increase mobility?
  • Experience healing and therapy for your body and psyche?
  • Enjoy a full body energy massage to a gentle soothing music and natural essential aromas?
  • Remove blockages in the body whether caused physical or psychological distress?
  • Find out how
  • Reduce stress and tension?
  • Awaken the life energy in your body?
  • Reduce or eliminate headaches, back/neck or hip pain?
  • Relieve pressure?
  • Increase mobility?
  • Deal with insomnia or chronic fatigue?
  • Soothe IBS or TMJ
  • Find out how
  • Be able to relax more deeply and get a better non-interrupted sleep?
  • Improve the manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies?
  • Clear emotional blocks for good?
  • Identify and transform negative thought patterns?
  • Create change in relationships, weight, mood or stress?
  • Get relief from physical pain?
  • Find out how

We are here to enjoy this life. Get in touch to find out the best technique, which can benefit your situation.

Image: Andre Taissin