Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

What is QHHT?

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – was developed a world known Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, whose 40+ years of work has opened many doors to understanding of how we can connect and get answers from our Higher Self or Universal wisdom via altered states of consciousness.

Some people come for a QHHT session out of curiosity, but most of them have questions about their life purpose, family, work or health issues. Clients come with life threatening diseases, pain, discomfort, depression or addictions. They come with a desire to make their life better, to find happiness and peace.

It is a very safe and controlled process which ensures you are comfortable, protected, and safe throughout the experience. It happens in a natural state of the body, the Theta state of consciousness, which is a deep relaxing state of consciousness, which is the deepest level before sleep.

Clients are taken to the most appropriate time and space. This is protected and managed the Higher Self. It usually but not always can take the client to see and re-live parts of one or more of their ‘past’ lives. Because of the shift the Earth is going through at the moment, we have also at times been taken to client’s parallel life in another dimension.

The information we receive in this way is incredibly beneficial, healing and transformative.

Benefits of a session:

  • Resolve trauma and get clarity on karmic patterns
  • Gain clarity, insight, & understanding on any issues and challenges you are facing at the moment or in the past
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Increase your self awareness, self confidence, & embodiment of most authentic self
  • Get clarity on your life’s purpose
  • Release fears you may have around death and dying
  • Physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual energetic self healing
  • Clarity on root of addictions & how to overcome
  • Connect with the all knowing, most loving part of you (Higher Self, or Oversoul, or Universal wisdom)
  • Empower yourself & realise how powerful & connected you truly are

What does a QHHT session look like?

The typical session takes usually from 4 to 6 hours, but occasionally can take longer. The session is completely confidential. There is no one else in the room during the session.

The Talk

In the first part, we will talk and go through reasons what you would like to achieve from the session. It’s a type of talk therapy, when we discuss your childhood and your life up to your current situation, your relationships and any challenges you have had on your way.

I also explain to you how easy it is to get into a deep state of relaxation and what the session would look like. We go through your questions you want to get answers for from your Higher Self.

The Regression

After a short break, you will lie down on a bed or a sofa, so you feel absolutely comfortable and we can start the regression part of the session. With my guidance you will get into a very relaxed deep state of consciousness, like before you go to sleep or when you’re waking up. You will let go of any worries.

Your Subconscious, or Higher Self will always take you to the time and space, which is most appropriate to you for your situation.

Please be reassured the session is safe and the client would never be exposed to any harm or trauma. Any trauma which can come up in one of your other lives you may re-live during the session, would be handled with in a safe environment. I hold a safe space and would guide you in a way, in which you will not be ‘re-living’ any previous traumas, but be carefully observed with no attached physical sensations or mental traumas. This is the main difference from many regression techniques out there.

The Higher Self

Once we have ‘visited’ any lives or situations, you are already in the deepest possible level – in Theta waves and I will request the Higher Self to take the lead and for the conscious mind to take a back seat. As we have already been in communication with your multidimensional self, this only requires your permission to speak to your Higher Self and ask it questions. This is the part when the relief from physical symptoms can also take place, if it is karmically suitable. This part may take anything from half an hour to an hour.


After I have guided you to come out of the deep state, we will have a chat about how you are feeling and discuss what happened during the session and how it impacted you. I will also give you advice on what to do next, so further insights and healing can take place.

I will record the Regression and the Higher Self parts of the session and share with you the audio file. It is very important you listen to it as often as you can, especially during the days following the session. It will bring you more insight and answers, as none of my clients have remembered what they and their Higher Self said during the session, even though they feel they do.

How to know the session is right for you?

  • You are deeply curious about knowing your soul journey
  • You feel excited and intrigued about having your own session and find out about your ‘past’ or parallel lives
  • You would like to deepen your self-healing journey
  • You are committed to integration, transformation and healing
  • You would like to widen your knowledge about the life and universe

How to prepare for a session

When you book a session, I would give you a call to discuss what to expect and how to prepare for it. I will ask you to write down on a piece of paper around 10 questions you would like your Higher Self to answer. The moment you have decided to receive a session, your Higher Self starts connecting with you and you may receive further guidance on what questions to ask. Also, you may already start receiving the answers, on an intuitive level or in your dreams. I recommend you keep a handbook and a pen next to your bed to write them down when you wake up, as we tend to forget once we got out of bed. On the day of the session, do not have a strong coffee in the morning, so you can be more prepared for the deeply relaxing state of mind.

Ideally the session is done on your day off with no big plans for the evening. Even though the session is very relaxing and people ‘wake-up’ from it feeling like they’ve had a nice sleep, your body needs to adjust to the current timeline and will continue processing the information, still with a strong connection to your Higher Self and universal wisdom in the few days following the session. This will be the crucial part of the healing and insights. Again, have a handbook handy next to your bed as messages will come during sleep.

Be reassured that the session is highly confidential.

Does it work?

Yes, definitely. From my experience, my clients have started getting insights into their issues and life situations even before the start of their session. Some of my clients have had physical healing during the session, they only realised a few days later that a previously troubled part of their body was not hurting anymore.


So I decided to explore my past lives again. This time I’ve chosen a QHHT session with Basha. First we’ve had an interview where she encouraged me to spoke about my life just in case something would come up during the session and she could easily guide me. After I’ve lied down she checked that I felt comfortable and safe. Then she started guiding me through the process with care. I visited several past lives. Some lifetimes I went trough were beyond my logical mind at that time but she supported me with a recording of the session. She highly recommended to listen the recording as much as possible. So I have listened and piece piece it started to make sense more and more. Definitely it was quite an experience which I recommend for people who are wanting to understand themselves and for those who are looking for the answers to the situations in their lives. I found it really interesting. It took a good couple of hours but when I came back from the hypnosis it felt like it was just an hour or so. So I would recommend not to do any plans for that day. After that we were chatting and trying to make sense of it, if that was possible at that time. But as I mentioned earlier the more I listened the recording the more I gained awareness and clarity on what was going on in my current life. Thank you Basha for your guidance, time and care.” – Ingrid

“I have worked with Basha on a few issues that were restricting me in moving forward in life I found myself in a vicious cycle we call life and was not dealing with my past emotions and was stuck in moving past them. Basha helped me not only move past these but she helped me be the best version of myself!” – Simona

Watch some experiences from sessions: