KaHuna massage

Originally from the islands of the Pacific ocean, KaHuna massage is a transformative type of bodywork for the mind, body, spirit. KaHuna massage is a luxurious and soulful form of bodywork that delivers a heartfelt touch. This bodywork has a strong remedial focus incorporating Deep Relaxation and or Deep tissue.

The Kahuna massage style incorporates long flowing strokes over the body. Practitioners use their hands, elbows and forearms as they glide around the table whilst using the sacred Hawaiian dance and footsteps learnt during training to give a deeply soothing massage with rhythm and flow in the movements.

It is shamanic bodywork and helps heal and clear the emotional, mental and physical bodies and can include sound healing through toning and guiding the client to journey deeply within through the practitioner’s rhythmic breathing.

Kahuna massage is luxurious and soulful, delivering a heartfelt touch with innocence and love. It can be firm and with strong pressure if that is what is desired and needed the client.

All massages have a strong remedial focus and are tailor made to suit your individual needs.

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